2001-04-09 19:39:31 (UTC)

Am i the only one who feels this way????????

Have you ever noticed the worse way to miss someone is when
they are right beside you yet you know you can never have
them? The moment you cant feel them under your fingertips
or see them you miss them?? Have you ever wondered wich
hurts the worse saying something & wishing you had not or
not saying anything at all?? Words diminish the thoughts &
shrink things that seemed timeless in your head to no more
then living size when they are brought out.Dont be afraid
to tell someone you love them . If you do yes they may
break your heart but, If you dont you may break theirs.
Have you ever ben afraid to become a couple because you
were scared you were goin to ruin what you allready had
with that person? Well your heart decideds who u like and
who you dont like. You cant tell your heart or anyone elses
what to do. Have you ever loved someone with all you had
and the other person was to afraid to let you?(my current
situation) to many of us stay closed up cause were to
scared to feel to much ,or at all. Have you ever denied
your feelings for someone for fear of rejection? Were all
afraid of what we dont know.Afraid of what others will
think & what will be found out about us. Life is about risk
& it requires you to jump at a moments notice. Dont be a
person who looks back n wonders what could or should be
happening now. No one lives forever!