for show and tell
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2002-01-01 11:59:04 (UTC)


i got so bored at 3:48 am that i drew ALL OVER my left
hand.. i'm serious, even between my fingers! on all sides
of my thumb. side padding. yes, ALL! oh, except nails,
since the ink wouldn't stay on.

i drew stuff like the nny i originally drew for val.. some
zim. i wrote "insomnia forever" in inandantia twice. i
wrote "jhonen v." in inandantia, and "27 knives" the same.
i wrote nny's name and "johnny the homicidal maniac" in
inandantia too.

in english, i wrote stuff like nny's name, "PUSH" (next to
shaded swirly button), "LA LA LA" on my middle finger, and
on the other side, it says "POI". it also says "POI" on my
index finger. let's see, what else... it says "siamese" on
my ring finger, "Draw on hand." on the side, "artist" on
the top of my pinky, "you" on the inside of it (get it?
artist.. you.. draw.. get it?), and in inandantia, the
inside side of my index finger says "fuck!" and opposite
that, it says "expletives" in english. cool, eh?
everything else was filled up with lines and swirlies. oh,
and there is one solitary swirly down on my wrist. i
wrote "retard swirly" and put and arrow pointing to it.

anyway, i'm gonna get into great amounts of troubled if i
do not fix. ^_^ see ya, now.

-imationzim (with pen-COVERED hand ^_^)

p.s. oh yeah! on my knuckles, it says, going downward, "TIME" in
inandantia. ^_^