Latina Star's Booki
2002-01-01 10:25:00 (UTC)

New Years eve

Ight, its new yrs eve the big ball already droppedd and i
am waiting for marcus to get online, im glad to start a new
diary, im begining to think marcus is not coming online, i
tend to act like a g/f to him cuz im always wondern or
thinking of him, anyways, hes taken so it dosent matter. I
was gonn amarry andy on habbo but he came and informed me
hes getting married tomarrow too a very lucky girl. there
concidering getting married in the chapel i built ofr our
wedding, but its ok, i suggested it. *tear* i relli wish i
had sum one,. i keep playing the song *Kiss me at
midnight* by nsync. makes me want a kiss bad then i
remembed my dream in which i was laying on the couch and i
had my head on marcus's lap and he was running his fingers
through my hair, i looked up and smiled at him and he
smiled back, it was the perfect moment, ending with my mom
shaking the Sh!t outta me to wake me up lol. lol i also had
a dream i wass sleeping on the floor christmas day by the
tree and marcus came in andsaw me laying on the floor and
my thong was shoing and he started rofl'n for relz it was
hilarioz. anywayz , if marc is reading he prolly thinx ima
freak by now, my wrist hurts my baby-g watch is to tyte
what made me get greeen of all god forsacen colors. my dad
leaves tommarow back to his home town in a way its good in
a way its bad, i sumtimes feel he gets sick of me, i think
thats why he left in the first place. I never wanted to
tell anyone this but i confide alot in my diaries. I feel
so bad for my mom if i wudda died at birth or sumthing then
i wudent have gotten bad grades and never anoyed dad, then
he wuddent have left , i feel bad about that its like a
permenet guilt inside, i wrote a poem once the only other
person who read it was marcus it was called "i cam apon
this world with love .....anbd ended with "hate to
another.. she is".... i dont know if he remembers it or not
i like that poem it reminds me of me i just saw Jessica
simpson on TV wtf was wrong with her hair, Oh and the lead
singer of O-town is actuly cuit he resembels lance alot
alot alot... hehe , my sis in laws neice is a shit talker
can u belive that she told me she goes swimming with NSYNC
and that they annoy her and lance bass my fav asked out her
firned, oh yeah a 22 yr old asked out a 14 yr old a ugly 14
yr old for that. omg, she also lies about witchcraft that
is so shit of her, she all says she has psychic power
that "dont work" on me. ryteeeee.... uh shes annoying ryte
now like hell,. marcus logg on i wanna say happy new yrs,..
speaking of i almost got my ass blasted with a firework. it
tipped over and i was wearing my white pj's witht he
cherries on umm from old navy and i dived in the snow it
almost hit me it was scary. my cusin cross da stree saw
lol. whoeva is reading prolly thinks this is a bookb ut my
life is so Jumblued its nto evan funny.. blyue cantrell is
playing ---- hey laydeeeeeeeeeeesss. hehehe
oh man *takes glitter out of eye* oue. lol,. Anyways i
better let u go for now, oooh i caught my brother suckin
his feonces boobs in my freggin bed room, i slepd on the
damn couch that nyte. ewww * grose* I wish i was sweeter or
prittier i guess so i cud relli atract guys but im just a
chubby bastard . love u marcus good nyte (K) Peace out -

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