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2002-01-01 10:01:45 (UTC)

New year,...New life,...New love,...New me.

This is the FIRST official entry of the new year!
WooHoo! Let me let you know about some new developments
this year.... First off, I am now Twenty years of age. I
feel kinda old. I know it's not THAT bad but,...whatever.
Second, I am still in Master's Commission and loving it. I
have fallen in love w/Jesus again and love every minute of
it. He touched me this last year and made me fall even more
in love with Him. I am grateful.
I have nothing exciting in my life other than that and
this last year i have met this girl. We can't really talk
or anything like that. (Master's Commission rules.) Don't
take that the wrong way. I love following the rules set
before me. I will wait until June to talk to her. Like i
said, She is not taking my focus off of God in any way.
Just making me want to obey these rules and succeed because
when June rolls around, it's going to feel mighty good to
know i did it the right way.
Well, i hope that you all had a Happy New Year. I pray
that God will make this new year a prosperous year and a
safe year for all of us. I just KNOW that it is going to be
a good year for me. I just can't wait to see what happens
from here.

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