It's ok to be crazy
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2002-01-01 09:05:47 (UTC)


so jon and i are back together. it a rather long and
confusing story. so lets just say we decided to be blind
and stupid. yep thats right...blind and stupid. we have
decided to ignor everything that tells us not be together.
and it has been quite wonderful. i have never felt so
comfortable with some one before. it's as though we have
been together for years. and the thought of ever being with
someone else is quite sad to me.
honestly? who else could i be with after all that he has
put up with for me and all that i have trusted him with and
told him. i couldn't imagine sharing my life secrets with
anyone else. i don't i just want to to be right.
i love him so much and thats about all there is to that