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2002-01-01 08:28:28 (UTC)


Scarborough Fair by Sarah Brightman
I was once a hater of Sarah Brightman. I didn't give
her a fair chance because all I had heard her sing was
opera. I am not very fond of opera. But, my friend C.
made me download some of her songs. This song caught my
ear. It's a really old song and she just remade it. I
really like it. It has a certain sentimental value to it,
but I'm sure if it didn't then I would still love it. *****

All or Nothing(Live Your Dreams) by Athena Cage
This song is on the Save the Last Dance Soundtrack. I
recently gave it to C. because it talks about living your
dreams. I really like the song because it is just really
inspirational. *****

Serve the Ego by Jewel
I have recently fell in love with Jewel. Everything
by Jewel. This is one of my two favorite songs by Jewel.
It has a good beat and I love the chorus. ****

Break Me by Jewel
I LURVE this song, as C. would say. I just, I love
it. "Kiss me once, well, maybe twice." Listen to it! You
will become obsessed with it. *****

Well this is all for my music reviews tonight.

Miss you music craving physcos of the internet