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2002-01-01 07:36:01 (UTC)


well. it's here. but there just didn't seem to be much hype
surronding it like the ones before. i know this year's
holiday's weren't nearly as...hurry up and get here! as
one's past. i think it's because i've been busy
doing...nonsense with D. heh. elijah, brad and jules baby!

hmm...anyways. my resolution is to...that's tough. i really
don't have one. expand my acting ability. that's it! and
read, at least, 12 books this year. i know i'll have three
under my belt...lord of the rings saga. and i want to read
a pop goes the weasel by james patterson...and blood and
gold by anne rice. let's see: that's 5. fucking wonderful.
5. mental me! i originally put 4.

i don't have much to comment on tonight...well, this
morning, rather. i'm assume i'm going to a movie
tomorrow...so--and i know 3 of you are out there lurking in the midst-
-there should be a review for you coolio people!

shoutouts to:
D., sam and girl interupted!

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