a poetic Heartº
2002-01-01 07:35:23 (UTC)

Took Me A While To Realize

Its taken me awhile to realize
But now I see its true
What I thought I’d never feel
I now feel it with you

My heart was asleep
When I let you go
I was too afraid
To let that love grow

I don’t understand it
Probably never will
But every time I think of you
I think of US still

Everytime I see your sweet face
I see those shining eyes
And I can’t believe I was stupid enough
To let a great guy pass me by

I miss holding your hand
And pressing it against mine
I miss the love you gave
It was so devine

I wish I had another chance
For now I love you to
If only I could get the words out
If only you knew

I shouldn’t have given up
Now this I see
For what I want
Is you with me