Life without a Script
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2002-01-01 07:05:32 (UTC)

Events of the New Year

Well all the company has finally left and I am quickly
regreting tearing up all my cigs for my
everything my roomate do is like a non-stop banging inside
my head.

A girl who is a part of social group, a rather young girl
at the age of 18 seems to be rather interested in myself.
She was rolling around the idea of staying the night but
thanks to the male Anti-emotion sheild I tuned her out to
that idea. See I am scared to try anything cause I am
not sure if I like her cause I am attracted to her or if I
like her cause I am so lonely. And cause she was druken I
did not dare allow her to stay... I am scared for some
reason cause her and a friend (Andrew) are hanging out.
And since Andrew has recently broken up with his chick
that makes him boyfriend possiblity #1 for katrina in my
eyes and since I so suck at the dating game and am to
tired for the club scene it may be a long time before
another comes my way. I alway end up being the quite guy
with nothing to say or to polite to flirt....perhaps
tomarrow will bring new light....

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