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2002-01-01 06:46:52 (UTC)

Meet me

Okay... my life kinda sucks and is really boring and I know
that as well as you do, but I still need something to help
me reduce this stress I have so this is what I chose... My
name is Samantha... and I live in Dandridge, TN... I'm 14,
in the 9th grade, and I go to Jefferson County High
School... I have lots of friends... some I relate too and
some I don't... there is Trish, Ashley, Susan, Amber,
David, Krissy, and more... more about them later... There
is this guy named STeven who I have been dating on and off
for the past 2 years... He hs treated me like shit and I
have actually put up with it.. I don't know what to do
anymore... I'm making myself and everyone else think I am
actually over him but I'm not... I guess I never will be,
but I sure as hell can make people believe it... I actually
am starting to convince myself of this... If only I can
convince him... He has cheated on my repeatdly and I just
am so over it... Well it's late and I just wanted to say
that... so have a happy new year and more tomorrow...