All in the Night
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2002-01-01 06:13:17 (UTC)

New Years Eve

Well, today was New Years Eve. I have to say, it was a
little different than i had expected, but i was good none
the less. Like Chad and I went out with some of my firends
to eat, and then he and i were going to go to a party but
he decided not to drag me away from my friends (which is
probably a good thing, don't want any fights) and he came
with us to K-ville to some block thing. So We ended up
staying there untilthe New Years came in and then he left
to go to Courtney's Party, which no offense you guys, but i
would have rather have gone to it....i really hate cold
weather!!!!! And i felt bad b/c i know that Chad would
have rather been with his friends since he's leaving soon.
BTW,it really gets on my nerves that everyone is like "he's
leaving in a month so you never have to see him again,
ditch him for us..." Like everybody is telling me that! I
dont' want him to leave, but i'm not sure why. I have to
say, i dont' know what's gotten into me, i'd usually never
even think of feeling bad for being over another guy...but
i really feel bad when i do that now. NO offense Andrew, i
really did want to kiss you, REALLY kiss you, but i just
can't do that....at least for now. Happy New Years
everybody :*(