for show and tell
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2002-01-01 05:42:49 (UTC)


hmmm... i remember something from mack's "kabuki" a while
back.. let me pull up that one and recite what i enjoyed
basking in its clever nature:

"some people view the labels as the objects themselves,
and not what they modify."

that's exactly what i was looking for. ^_^ anyway, labels,
yes.. in my earlier years (not many to count), i had
this... hmm.. gigantimugous indentity problem. i didn't
want to be me. "fuck me", i says! "who wants to be me?"
so, as a consequence, i gave myself so many labels it's
disgusting. let me give you the list, at one point, i
bothered to create:

Literature: Luna Baye
Art: Robsashe
Online: Nicademus White
In School: Ed
MCC: Ri ZeLi
Tag: Scooter
General: Mouse

mouse is always my name. it forever shall be.. and nic
white is my name. it forever shall be as my real name.
now.. i see this is way too many labels to keep and not
even uphold them (since i don't tag any longer, and i
don't care about being an mcc). robsashe has lost it's
charm, and luna baye is for writing..

so.. *throws evil names into an incinerator* it is now as

Online: Nicademus White
In School:
General: Mouse

i can remove the in school one, since most people call me
mouse anyway.. and the mcc. i care not to be one any
longer. no more tagging for me.. it's now:

Online: Nicademus White
General: Mouse

literature... eh, i never really put my name for the
creator because i never give it to someone i don't know.
so that leaves me one to be concerned of:

Online: Nicademus White
General: Mouse

okay! i know for a bloody fact that i will never stop
drawing for my life. well, maybe.. i want to live! but,
you understand. so, now i need an art name.. (i've gone
through so many!)

i was thinking.. something like "enigma", "enigmatic", or
even "THE enigmatic".. but i'm not sure how i would sign
like that.. T.E. looks like i can't spell E.T.. i would
figure to put "enigmatic", but that's kinda long.. oh, what
the hell! enigmatic it is! i will write "enigmatic" all
over shit, yeeeeyah! bye now. ^_^

-imationzim (free of labels)