De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-01-01 05:09:34 (UTC)


1 Jan 2002

My, it's the new year already...i've just awoken after a
really late night of callling my friends and folks back
home...really good to speak to em again..

2001, an amazing year for me...never has so many things
happen for me in such a short span of time...the new
milleniium started semester in NUS was smmooth
until that fateful presentation day of the amplifier
project...which scared me hell just to think of it..i was
really discouraged from group work after ...

then SEP was a whole new feeling...excited yet
very scared... i was sad to leave my friends behind... but
wellington turned out to be more than i imagined...once
again..luck was shinin on me..i had the opportunity to meet
soo many new friends and some really good buddies from now project restored my confidence..when we had
so little to work with, we managed to come up with
something good.that was fantastic..

and the experience is still goin onto 2002, my internship
program is startin soon..yet another scary alien
encunter..hope things turn out well ..

things are still slowly sinkin into me, i still cant
believe SEP is over so fast..but i'll try to cherish every
opportunites here

Happy New Year