lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-01 04:52:14 (UTC)


should i go to caleb this summer?? or wait till next
summer? is it even worth it to do this year? ahh here's
the dilemma:

work, windsurf, go up to the lake for at least a week
(according to my dad), get my license, be around for youth
stuff & whatever mission we do, work on guitar possibly,
not miss stuff and family and friends, etc...

gain lifetime experience & do a bunch of
probably get really buff. plus leadership stuff & closer
walk with God, etc...but i get so much out of hume & on the
water & stuff!!

aaaand then there's this issue: caleb costs $800. if i
stuck around, i'd probably MAKE $800...what to do, what to

this dilemma is coming up especially since both my parents
think i should wait...yet everyone says i am good for the
program...should i wait a year? do it now?? ahh i have to
decide if i should send in this app...