Mojin Trey

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2002-01-01 04:20:09 (UTC)

God Damn It

Well Today is New Years Eve and I went to my friend Waynes
today. We stayed there for a while then we went to Leons
house. As again I was there for a while but I was only
supposed to be at Waynes I got in touble and
couldnt stay the partying :"(... That Pissed me
off so I started to argue with my parents and stuff and
then we got physical....I started wrestling with my dad and
luckly for me I recieved no harm...Physical Endurance pays
off ;)....So now im probobly just gonna watch Ah! My
Goddess and Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo....Oh well...I guess
my New Years eve wasn't too good :(....but at least it was
EVEl ;)