2002-01-01 04:02:45 (UTC)

everything seems to have gone terribly wrong that can

but one breath at a time is an acceptable plan

yeah so its new years eve... hopefully it will be better
than last year... shithead called that was nice it was a
nice talk again not a bad one... caroline is at a party...
i uh thought i made it clear that it was important to me to
see her tonight since i DIDNT on fucking christmas but
apparently whats important to me isnt important to her, at
least not more important than "partying" with everyone
else. so anyway.
ashley was sad because emilys a fucking bitch and i went to
see her. i felt bad cus i just left everyone i was with
but it was important and i think she was glad i came.. she
shouldnt have gone back but whatever. these things are
very hard. i wish i could have just stayed there but i
couldnt cus people were waiting for me and she wanted to go
back to emily and i dont know whatever. i love her so so
much. i miss her a lot sometimes
everyone alwas mixes up claudia and caroline, cus "adrienne
and caroline just doesnt fit together." well thats good.
lol jesus. "what are we doing we dont do this" no no we
dont. i dont know. whatever. im guna go get real drunk
and think about it tomorrow.