Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2002-01-01 02:56:18 (UTC)

Oh what a relief!

Kiara is going to break it off with Lourre tonight... this
could go very bad, but it could also go well. Whatever
happens, I'm gonna be there for Kiara no matter what.

I'm getting married online tomorrow ^.^ I'm so excited... I
can barely breathe... Kiara means so much to me... Wow.
Well, I better get working on writing my vows ^.^ I'm sure
I can think of something that conveys my feelings to the

*leans back and dreams* Gosh, I wish I could be with Kiara
NOW instead of having to wait. I know i've fallen in love
before... but Kiara is different, she just seems /right/. I
want to spend the rest of forever with her... Hmm... how
can I explain this feeling... well, I cant compare it to
any feeling I've ever had before. But dang, its a nice
feeling. She's so special to me, I just can't be too nice
to her :) she deserves every compliment and poetic phrase I
say. :D ^.^