Life without a Script
2002-01-01 02:52:40 (UTC)

A final catch up Dec31/01

Well were to begin. It has been some time since have
writen anything down and at least now I have the place and
time to do so which makes me happy.

Well the stuff withy Aneke never worked out she is now
living with Josh another friend (or associate I guess) and
is very happy with him from what I can tell and since they
are paying on a house means it is pretty much writen in

I am now living in a batcholor appartment (how fitting)
with an old friend Neil. Everything was cool for the
longest time because I have largesolid french doors
dividing our 2 halves of the house and all went well till

He is now dating this chick named Pam...who is 8years
younger than he that is not the problem the
problem is I have seen her circle our social group and
leech off them all for food and home, and now she is here.

She spends more time here than I do using my stuff and
what not and not even paying a cent for rent.... and Neil
doesn't seem to care in the least about how I feel about
this and all he is looking out for is himself. It seems
as if he almost is trying to be my friend even more so
than before cause I am displeased with him. I ripped into
him last night about it and I still may rip even further
cause I am getting sick of his games.... And to make
things even worse I have allowed anyother friend Don to
sleep on my couch for the month of december cause he got
kicked out of his sisters house due to a family
arguement, and I assumed it would only be a temporary
thing but it seems he is taken root.

I am too much of a sucker and am afraid to say to much to
them about how I want personal space.... and all this
angst is building inside of me and I am unsure of how to
deal with it and I know that unless I find a way to deal
with these issues I am going to blow and I am afraid I
will hurt someone. It is bad cause I am too ashamed to
even rent a porno or try and start a relationship or even
entertain company cause I am ambarased of the state of my
home due to the 2 slobish roomates.

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