Life without a Script
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2002-01-01 02:24:47 (UTC)

Noticings from friends Dec 2000

Well I am writing again which is never a good thing….it
seems that when ever I write I end up hurting because of
my undying fear of being alone.

Neil and Jessica have finally broke up for good and have
been that way for quite sometime now. But now Jessica has
this thought in her head that we would finally hook up
once more but that WILL not happen…. I don’t know why I
am so determined never to be with her but she is just not
for me, perhaps she just is not the person the I can
envision satisfying my emotional, physical, social, needs
I don’t know…but it just will not happen…. Unfortunate
because of Neil’s love for Jen Clarkson and Neil needing
Jessica to be happy in order for the two of them to be

I also pity Neil’s situation because he is in love with
Jen and Jessica seems to be to have her nose so far into
Neil and Jen’s relationship that she is destroying it…
she calls him a lot and seems to do nothing but bitch and
complain about them…I feel sorry for her lack of social
form in dealing with this issue but then again who am I to

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