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2002-01-01 01:41:40 (UTC)


I seem to be blocked by this ending wall of silence. I
have no idea how to climb or get around it. What do i do
now? Thats how i feel at this point. I only live to
question how to climb this seemingly endless wall. But what
then, do i find another wall & another. Is life just a big
climb of walls in an endless row. Why do i keep trying to
climb? Isn't there just another wall to climb. How long
will it be until I'm fed up of climbing & climbing. How
long will it be until i break & join the others into the
madness. I am only human....& being that, i have my limits.
The term strong is only given to those who can evade this
insanity...but they too under circumstances break. The
trials the human life already seems enough to bring them
about madness. There violent & they hate. Humans are too
weak...(human society) They cannot take things they do not
understand. And one of those things are peace. Please
understand it, accept it.....please think.....

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