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2002-01-01 01:37:32 (UTC)

so angry...

i get real pissed off when someone doesn't reply to me!! i
sent people so much mail they'd be crapping it for a
week!! they never reply, the damned fuckers! it gets to
the point of pure nugat-filled hatred, and it makes me
have an extreme dislike towards them. i don't want to mail
them ever again! why should they get shit if i cannot? i
wrote this e-mail to MYSELF!!:

It's a Satanly damned sad thought to have to E-mail myself
to get mail!! I hate everyone... I'm never sending
anything to anyone again, especially not Heidi and Ashley.
Though it might not be their fault entirely, I am still
angry! Sheesh... It makes me wonder if it had been better
to never sign up for free mail... Satanly damnation.....
I'm pissed off.

silly, simple-minded fuckers! all of them! ..... i am very
angry.. do not mind me.. perhaps i will cleverly use this
energy by drawing.. yes.. save the energy for the