Tiffany's Stuff...
2002-01-01 01:14:43 (UTC)

Have U?

Have u ever liked someone so much it's like u love them?
Have u ever became close to someone but someone has to ruin
it 4 u? Well....if that last one has ever happened u are
probably the better half. All of it has happened to me. It
isn't fun but i know...some people like it and do it on
purpose. Has someone ever acted like ur friend but they are
really not? Well...that has happened to me 2. I know life
like this is what makes the world go round.People like that
is what makes the world go round. But if it wasn't for them
I don't know what the world would be like. I have probably
done all of it but i don't try 2. Well anyone that dosen't
like me can shove it up their well ya know! So i have to go
now and talk to my "Friends"! By the way all of it has
happened to me. Lobe Ya'll. Buh Bye.