Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2002-01-01 01:07:42 (UTC)

New Years Eve!!!

Hey everyone!! I'm so hyper and excited for tonight!!! I'm
all ready to go(told by Liz's friends I look hott too, just
FYI) lol! But the party is still two frickin hours away!
What am I gonna do to pass the time!?! Well my parentals
are having a party and their guests will be here within the
next hour, so I guess I will mingle. hehe. Or I'll just a
play a dumb game on the computer, or kick my sister off the
other computer and play, The Sims, Hot Date. Sweetness. I
think I'll do that. I'm really hungry but I can't eat
anything! UGH! Why did I decide to do all my makeup so
frickin early! I would just say screw it, but I look realy
good right about now, well really good for me, and I don't
wanna ruin it.

I thought it would be a really long time until I said this,
but I am seriously 100% over Zack. After I wrote that poem
earlier, I was like woah, I don't like him anymore. WOW.

And yet again, I surprised myself tonight, while I was
thinking, I miss school! OMGOSH how fucked up is that?
Well, I mean, I don't miss the homework or anything, but I
miss always having something to do, and all the people I
see at school that I don't see when we're not at school. I
think one of the people I miss the most is Jimi. lol. He is
so frickin hilarious I would almost say I like him! But not
quite, he's too good of a friend. He brigtens every day!
But now, he can't do anything outside of school until like
next october, so thats screwed. Him and Darryl and some of
their other friends all got drunk, and Jimi, being the
stupid person he is, decided that he would walk himself
home, and on his way, decided that he was gunna try and rob
this one truck. Well, needless to say, he got caught by the
cops, and got one year of parole, and one year of
grounding. Doesn't that suck??? I mean, we talked about it
in PE and he decided that he's gunna be smarter and stay
where he is when he gets drunk. lol. Good idea.

Well, ya I think that that is enough rambling by me, for
now anyways, I hope ya'll have a happy new year!!!