lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-01 00:07:55 (UTC)

new year's eve

yay. i didn't even know it was new year's eve yet. ahh i
live in a hole.

my mom took me shopping today. we went to these cute tiny
boardshops & i bought 2 volcom shirts. yay to that. and i
saw my dream snowboard again...ahh she's beautiful. and i
found the boots i want, too. way expensive but haha that's

then we went to hard rock cafe & ate & sat by gwen
stefani's pants. yeah it was neat.

and tonight we're going to charthouse and then i'm going to
go to bed at 11:30 so i can avoid cheesy resolution-telling
and being kissed my the younger loos boy. ahh. hehe
sounds fun, huh?

ahh i hate here @ this time of year cuz everyone is drunk
plus they're all stupid. and i HATE casinos with such a
passion you could not imagine. ay que padre!!