ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-31 23:46:43 (UTC)

MY laSt entrY of da Year...

Well, ive realized that this will be my last entry
for this year, 2001. *** That's weird to think, in about 8
hours it will be 2002. ill be at the Tempe Fiesta Bowl
Block party soon. it sux cuz Paulina cant go now since
she's having like people come over to her house for a party
or somethin. i would have called Chris and told him to go,
but Kristy said i shouldnt since we arent together anymore
(i dont know what the fuck she meant cuz were still
friends...shit man.) so ya, great.

Gawd, i dont wanna sound weird but i want school to
start again. im just kinda bored and now i have new classes
and i wanna meet new people, and hopefully some hot guy.
plus i got new clothes and Paulina has 3rd hour lunch with
me and i have ART!!! with Whitney too. i cant wait to take
art. i havent gotten to have a chance to draw in a long
time and now i have a class which is all about it. its my
turn now to express myself.


What to think, what to think......... i dont KNOW wHaT mY
NeW yeAR's rESoLutiON is gonna be. Probably to hooK-Up with
whoEvER ive bEEN too scARed to Hook-uP with.

FliPen a, this is my last entry of the year and i have like
nothing cool to say. Im listenen to Fifi, "mirror in the
bathroom".... kick a song. stupid MElanie got me into
sayin 'kick a'. its so gay!!! he he..... i know im gonna
regret not doing a lot of things for some reason. i dont
know why i just said that.

i am so tired.....
and i wish i wasnt cuz im
gonna be partyen tonight!!!

I had a lot of fun this year though. i hooked up with Eric
and Chris and Kinda Brian, i gotta go to a lot of cool
shows, i met soooo many awesome people, i felt sad, and
mad, and happy, and depressed, and happy again. i realized
that im gonna live my life and not take shit from anyone,
cuz i know i dont have too. i said the word "fuck" about 1
million times, i got drunk and high a lot, i partied with
my friends, my homies, the people i care a lot about, i
went to a state that ive never been to before, LAs VEgas,
NEvada, before i went there over the summer the only states
i had been to were Arizona and California (sad). i FINALLY
REALIZED this year that Arizona isnt so bad. i mean, this
is where i grew up, where my life has taken place, and if i
had to leave tomorrow i would just die, cuz i dont want to
leave, not now at least. well, thats all i can think of
right now. ill write again tomorrow, the first day of the
year (ah! trippy). later.

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