little mind farts...
2001-12-31 23:44:22 (UTC)

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2....1 happy new year!

this year i will make no resoultions. the word alone
just means another promise to make to yourself and then
brake. how sucky. i will simply just try to do things this
up coming year. i am not going to call them resoultions.
there are only a matter of hours left in 2001. time is
fuckin flyin by!!!! geese! i wonder why i feel so weird. i
don't know. :0)
i know i said that i would stop liking david like that.
i never gave my lovely audience a reason why. i don't
really feel like writing so i will some other time.
however, i was hoping that he would call me tonight...if
only to shoot the breeze. i don't know, it's only 5:35, in
this great city of chicago...:0) (hee-hee i am such a dork.
lol) so it's still early. i hope that he does call.

-michelle :0)

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