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2001-12-31 23:10:11 (UTC)

whats goin on

What's goin on man i like that song and now it is stuck in
my head! ok well really nothing is 'going on' ...ok nvm
stuff is always goin on! well yall know how i dumped aaron
and then i thought i liked mike but that was confusin and i
dont feel like typing all that shit down. well now i think
i like aaron again. ik! ik! i really shouldnt bc OMG i
didnt write down all the shit about fun night!ohhhh yes!
well! at fun night (what we call our crappy school dances)
i was kinda in a bad mood bc jonny (my friend) and aaron
were bothering me the whole day bc someone said i still
liked aaron (at the time i didnt and it was ridiculous to
believe bc I was the one who dumped HIM) well anyways they
wouldnt god damn tell me. then at fun night i was talking
to jonny and sammy and emilia (emmy) were standing beside
me. ~tidbit of info you'd need to know to understand all
this- emmy hated me and for that i hated her. she liked
aaron for a while while we were going out...then before fun
night she was at chellyn's (my friend) house and she
(chellyn) kinda made us friends again, idk how. then at fun
night she told me she was kindof going out with aaron. i
acted sweet but i knew she was awful with him.ok back to
the story~ well i was talkin to jonny, right? and i was
like WHO WHO WHO WHO said that? and (i didnt get first time
around but then it registered) he said look where i am
looking! and then through his gritted teeth he said (lied)
i cant tell you who said that! and you guessed it, he was
looking straight at emmy. that god damn bitch. i wasnt sure
so i whispered in his ear, Emmy? bc i couldnt believe it.
he shook his head like a fool. i stormed into the gym and i
was swearing my head off. emilia followed me and kept
asking whats wrong whats wrong, then i calmy said, well
jonny and aaron told me that someone was spreading rumors
that i still liked aaron. she agreed with me it was dumb bc
i dumped his ass, not vice versa. then she said, yeah
someone told me that too.but i wasnt about to squeeze out
of her who said it bcuz i knew she lying, and that she
started the whole fukn thing! and even if she didnt, she
still shouldnt have told everyone, especially aaron! i
really wanted to fight her. but yall know i wouldnt, bc
Emmy is so fat she'd kill me. 120 pounds and 12? whoa oprah
here she comes! anyway, so the other fight of the night was
me and jacky, the ignorant lying bitch from hell. yeah,
her. well i have hated her for ages, and i always try to be
mean to her and break it off but she wont get a clue. well
she was all balling her head off about she couldnt dance or
go out with aaron now (talk about an even worse couple) god
why does she have to bo such a fukn drama queen? she has
all her friends feeling sry, and me hating her more than
ever. so i go into the bathroom where she is balling, she
tells me about all the shit she is sad about, about how she
hates emmy just bc she is going out with him, how emmy is a
faggot and how she should get a life (do you see why i hate
her?) (do yu see any hypocritism going on here?) and when
she stopped whining i simply told her to never ever talk to
me again, never .(although i could have whoopped her ass
right there and then but i wouldnt) and then i walked out
and she said something like god, fine be like that or
something 2nd grade. (then at the end of fun night when i
was walking to my ride, she was begging for forgiveness and
saying everyone makes mistakes, but i ignored her til she
said, why are you mad at me? i replied simply, "i am not
mad at yu, i just dont like yu." she stopped trying after
that.) after that night i felt pretty okay. i hated emmy,
got jacky out of my way, and i had 2 parties the next day.
YES!! well anyways, the damn thing is long enough, and i am
hungry, so do something worthwhile.

Yours truly,
Natalie Littlefield