2001-12-31 22:27:30 (UTC)

December 31, 2001

As the New Year approaches it would be nice to make
resolutions and keep them. I would like to quit smoking,
and loose another 20 pounds, I guess it will be my will to
make these things happen. One thing that I have made up my
mind about is that I will give up on Cody, you see writing
these journals made me see that I am a better person now
then I was before I have forgiven him for the hurt but I
will never give up the memories. Forever until the day I die
I will hold him in my heart and no one else in this world
will and can take that away from me. So to all who read my
journal this is possibly the last one on Cody. Happy New

The music that matter in my life with him was.....

Secert Garden Bruce Springstein
Summer of 69 Brian Adams
Secert track on Alanis Morrisete album
Bush X Zen
Our Lady peace Naveed
When she dance soundtrack to Stealing Home
In your eyes Peter Gaberial
Ahead by a Century Tragically Hip
Heart goes on Celine Dion

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