Zone of Misfortune
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2001-12-31 21:59:16 (UTC)

LAST DAY OF "eh, i guess it wasn't that bad" year 2001

And there off, neck in neck, waiting for the
inevitable...wait wait, yes...he has won the... THE
SHEETZU has won it...what an upset over the common poodle,
those lesbians needed a break from winning.

What's that? What are my new year's resolutions? well,
last year, they were to get to know some more people,
which i guess i kinda did. I talk to people from other
grades, basicly everyone in pub, and people that i have
connected with because of music and paintball, so that
kinda worked out.

Now for this year, i'd like to see my band take off, at
least, for us to perform somewhere, do something coo...and
of course, for a girlfriends, which is sad...since these
are more like pathetic pleas to the gods for things that
they might fix for me to accomplish within the next 365

Zeus: well sir, i don;t see why not. Yip, yes sir,
you;re not that bad.

Hera: why am i married to zeus when he's my brother from
all knowing chronus, please, slayeth my tentacles now.

Aphroditee: pass the chub.

and so, i am reminded of the fact that, I HAVE A

crack goes the skull
whack whack when you press and pull
crack goes the skull
all over the neighbors yard

crunch goes collar bone
munch munch when your knee's blown
crunch goes collar bone
thank you, my faithful bloody shard

aside from the obvious hankering for some spankering from
some hot lankering'd be so much easier if
eric or i could just sing...which brings me to an
interesting and erotic conclusion, we;ll buy these pigs,
grease them up REAL good, and then have our way with them
lyrically, after we download their loin and vocal chords,
all is well and we can save uncle jim;s farm. I mean,
it's that simple.

WEll, it;s about that time that the simpsons air, which
means i;m getting the hell off of all a good new

gender-bending could be an option if i knew what the fuck
it meant