The Sarchasm Chronicles
2001-12-31 21:31:23 (UTC)

Last Entry of 2001

Happy New Year to All!

I'm feeling pretty good today!
I'm anxious to begin the new year ~ 2002 is gonna be

Began making plans, plotting, and preparing to make the new
year the best one ever.

I'm not making *resolutions* - they just get broken - I'm
creating guidelines to live by in 2002. When I'm stumped,
or in a rut, I will review these guidelines and see if I am
being true to them. Chances are if I'm not feeling right,
or things have got me down, I've strayed from the guiding

They are pretty personal, so I won't share them here, but
rest assured they ARE in writing and very real to me. I
wrote them in my *real-world* journal and will keep them
close at hand everyday.

My best to everyone out there on the 'net ~ make it a GREAT

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