mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2001-12-31 21:27:35 (UTC)

12-31-01 Workin on News Years Eve....

Well, it's new years eve, Lisa's birthday, and my kkids are
back w/their mom, and I'm @ work.... yes, at times life
sucks...I really love Lisa, and I think kids are quite
aware of it, they are fond of her as well, we make a
great "Brady Bunch".
Had probably most unusual call last night. Plane went down
in sound, and we were very active in search. It is still
down there somewhere, not found yet. It kept us busy, and
we actually were able to keep on top of entire situation.
I think I may have found a van for Lisa,to replace her
p.o.s. that she has now. I need to talk to owner & see
whaat kind of offers he has had on it & go from there.
If we do get it, I want it to be regestered in both of our
names,I don't think she will have a problem with that.
I need to sit down with Lisa,and go over a budget, as we
are in a bind financially. She is certain that we are gonna
be able too get through it, but I am very paranoid about
money mattters. If anyone wants to write with any
suggestions , I welcome them.
That's about it for now, I love Lisa & her kids , and my
kids as well.... just wish we could all live together...