My life
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2001-12-31 20:51:11 (UTC)

Dec, 31 01

We woke up at about 9:15 to Jamie's parents screaming at
each other, it was awful, then Jamie's dad told her that he
is leaving her mom. But she wasn't upset about it....she
wants it to happen. So she's like we need to get out of
the house, so we got ready and went to a few stores and got
bored and hungry, so we went for Chinese. Then we went to
the mall and I felt so starred at today for some reason,
like every person I looked at was like eye-ing me up for
some reason or another, it was soooo ODD. Jamie's noticed
it too...but anyways, she bought a new belly button ring,
and I think I am convinced that I really want to get my
tounge pierced......I'm scared, but I think I really want
to. Well on the way out we saw my EX bf, with his GF...I
miss him, not cuz he was good to me, just because he was
soo different, and didn't care, and was like scummy, and I
dunno, everyone said that "we couldn't be" blah blah blah,
and he was sooo much fun...I just waved, I kind of feel bad
though because everytime he calls I make sure that I don't
talk to him. Even if he calls to say hello. weird. Could
never see myself with him again though. ugh. plus he's
young, well 18, but still...that's young for me.
Considering he told me I was too mature for my age, blah.
Nice guy though. Loveable....anyways!!! The guy at the cell
phone place was chatting with me, hot guy, very hot...Jamie
was buying more food as usual and he was right next to the
stand she was I was like, hi, lol...and he just
started chattin up a storm. Probably never see him
So we left, and now here I am 3:50.
I need to shower and stuff, I have to go to a family dinner
before I go anywhere tonight at like 6ish.

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