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2001-12-31 20:42:32 (UTC)

Why, why does he have to be so sexy??

When you're trying to figure out your feelings over a
guy, the fact that he's a Sex God hardly helps things out.
B is so sexy, I just can't get over it. He is the most
gorgeous male specimen I've ever seen. Well, in person.
Definitely the most gorgeous male specimen I've ever
touched. He really makes me feel like no guy ever has,
definitely more than K and...definitely more than W. I'm
like, soulmate principle? What?
I guess that sort of answers my question, though. Is W
the one for me? Is he my lobster? Not right now he's
not. I don't see B in my wedding pictures, but right now
it's kind of fuzzy. W isn't there anymore.
So I've decided if W is my lobster, now isn't the time.
And I've decided that B is a Sex God. But...what's going
to happen with B and I? You can't base a relationship on
sexual attraction. Well, you can, and it will probably be
the best sex of your life, but it won't last forever. But
who said I'm looking for forever? I'm 18. I'm still in
high school. He plans on going far away to college, while
I plan on staying in the state. So we could date until
then. Having the best sex of our lives. And then I could
explore lobster-dum with W. What a great plan!
I hate my plans, they usually end up sucking and
backfiring. Like, when I go off to college, and look up W,
he'll have a fiance. Oh well, I don't need to worry about
the rest of my life right now.
If you saw B...wow. I mean, what a Sex God.

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