My life
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2001-12-31 20:40:48 (UTC)

Dec, 30 01 about 6:30 Jamie called and said that she told
Mike, her BF that we were going out, so she called me and
was like "what can we do?" So I said let's go ice skating,
being that Jamie never went before I thought it would be
fun. So we stopped and picked up a camera to take some
pictures for the hell of it. So then we got there at about
8:00 and Jamie fell a million times, it was
hilarious....she called me a bitch because one time I told
her to get up off the ice or her ass would freeze, and she
really actually did hurt herself that time. She ended up
falling flat on her face and really hurt her kness, I think
it was mostly because a guy named Tim was there that she
thinks is God's gift to the earth, which he is so
different, that he gorgeous. So we left like 10 min after
he got there at about 9:30 because she didn't want to look
like a complete fool around him. So I took off her skates
and I took off mine, and we just kinda sat there until she
felt better...Then I heard someone saying my name, but I
didn't see anyone. So I just ignored it, then I see this
guy walking over towards me in a hockey uniform, and I was
like "Umm HI" and he said that I met him awhile ago ata
restaurant, so I just pretended to know him, I really don't
rememeber him though. Anyways, I talked to him for awhile,
hot...but I dunno, wasn't in the mood I guess to talk too
long, and I don't like to talk to guys around Jamie. So
he's like stay for my game blah blah blah, it's in 10 min,
and I was just like well she (Jamie) needs a cigarette so
maybe we will be back, but we never went back. LoL. So she
was really feeling awful so we stopped at Sheetz to get
some food and went home and watched movies...HOME, as in
her house. Mike called and started fighting with her
again....and I don't want to give her anymore of my input,
unless she asks, so I just watched the movie. She
complained to me after she got off the phone with him, but
I rubbed her back and she fell right asleep. I watched
another movie, cuz I was wide awake....and then went to
bed...Sometimes I have really weird dreams and I wake up
either laughing or crying...and it's just awful, but I've
done it ever since I was little. So I had the stupidest
dream, that I won't write down, but I woke up laughing
hystaricaly and Jamie was like "SHUTUP"...of course,
because it was 5:02 in the morning, so I went and got a
drink and sat in bed and just starred out the window,
because I just kept laughing, I can't help it. I'm weird, I
know...anyways, I finally went back to sleep at like