musings under the sun
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2001-12-31 19:39:14 (UTC)

serve the ego

jewel has a song on her new cd called serve the ego...it's
perrty fucking cool. in fact, her whole album is
brilliant...break me, another one of her songs, is awesome.
it's poignant, too...but i like it. d. talked me about, so
i shall talk about her.

d. is a cool girl that goes to school with me. she's
involved in the arts with me, which is really, really cool.
she's also a fucking genius! or however you spell that
word...i'm not too big on spelling. anyways, i started on
the lord of the rings...the prologue bored me to DEATH and
the notes he had were horrid, but the first chapter is
wonderful. i can tell it's going to be a good book.

oh yeah! i watched the faculty a while ago...and a little
last night. you should really watch it...i'll post a review