Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-31 19:17:28 (UTC)

Bye Zack

This poem goes out as a Goodbye to Zack, because I need to move on,
and I think that I already might have found somebody new, but I will
still love him, for a little while anyway.

One month ago yesterday
You stole my heart away
We were just playin some ball and pong
But then you sang me a song
That song lives in my heart forever
I know I will forget it never
I just wish things could work out
But I know that all I can do is pout
Because each time you talk to me
I fall on my knees
You are too busy and don't seem to care
That each time you're away my heart starts to tear
I want to be with you
But you don't seem to want anything to do

With me


Never again

I'm going to try and start afresh
But I know everytime I see you my heart will turn to mesh
Because I once loved you
But now I need to try and start new
If I keep going on this path
I know I will meet an awful wrath
Because when it all goes down
I will have the bigger frown.

And if this is one of my readers, I'm changing my diary
name to kellyk

Goodbye Zackary Emlen, I will never forget you, maybe
things will work out someday.