Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-31 18:51:45 (UTC)


Hey all! Ya today is gunna be a great day I can just feel
it!!!! ITS NEW YEARS EVE!!!! In just a few short hours,
after I'm all ready to go I'm puttin red hair paint in my
hair! Yipee! Some people think I will look like a freak,
but that's okay cuz it's what I feel like doing and its
just a few streaks for a day or two! It'll be gone by the
time I go back to school anyways!
Oh man, life is just peechy! Everything with my friends
just like evened out and became normal again last night!!
It's so great. And I can't wait until tonight cuz were all
going to lauras(even the guys..hehe :)), and then me and
becca are going to kara jo's to spend the night and jewlz
and sam are going to mandy's!! Won't that be a blast! You
bet it will!
Ya I think that unless Zack calls me today, and maybe even
IF he does, I am just gonna try and forget about him and
start the new year without him! Go me! But ya, knowing me,
I prolly won't be able to do it, but I can try! And I've
been noticing lately that there are a lot of cute and
really tall guys out there that I know that would treat me
a heck of a lot better than he does!! Ya, I just gotta find
one. lol.
Looks like those guys I wrote about a little while ago
aren't gunna be coming tonight. I wish they were that would
be so fun!!! And then maybe, I could have a real good time
if ya know what i mean(wink wink nudge nudge)!
It looks like this might be my last entry for 2001! SO SAD!
. Actually, this will be a year, that in a way, I
will be happy to get out of, but there are so many things
that will always make me so happy about it!

I guess that's all for now! Send me Feedback!
Love yall and Godbless!

Oh ya, and if this is Lucy, thanks for that feedback babe
it helped me ALOT, I really appreciate it!!!

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