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2001-12-31 18:13:12 (UTC)

Another day

yeah, i really find it hard to talk to know one but still
put down my thoughts, i'll give it a try just for fun.
yestarday i really didn't care, if you knew me that would
be a big thing. i didn't care about people, what they
thought, what they did. i just didn't care. course i was so
mad i felt like crying all day, i still do sorta, just
thinking about it, i'd like to cry. i'm gonna borrow some
movies tonight and hopefully let some of it out. its been
sitting in my head for a really long time. i'd like to cry
for a very long time. sound weird coming from a guy? not
me. if you knew me. right now, i'm working really hard to
get 2 cousins to stop fighting because of me. its hard to
do because they're both doing the same thing, and i'm
having trouble putting my finger on what that is. so i'll
go now, and have fun. goodbye.