Intellectual's Realm of the Unknown
2001-12-31 18:07:52 (UTC)

everything you ever needed to know about me!

This is everything you ever needed or wanted to know about
age: 14, 15 in april
hair: brown
eyes: well, no one really knows, they cant decide
height: 5'6" i think
live: a speck on the map of missouri, we grew chicks once
what i want to be: something involving singing, but, it
will turn out being something boringggggggggggg
favorite movie: cruel intentions
pets: a retarded cat with no nameand an awesome chocolate
weenie dog named maggie who is sitting on my lap right now
cuz shes REALLY sweet and i love the shit outta her
grade: freshman
sports: tennis, swimming
life: simple on the outside

i dont know what else to tell you
im normal when im not with c.
i think thats my entire f-ed up life
later lads and lassys of the computer

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