I am a goddess
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2001-12-31 18:07:50 (UTC)

Im ready to party

Its nearly time to go out and im sitting here dressed in my
party clothes (apart from shoes) and im waiting for my
friend ailsa to come to mine so we can leave.
I've been thinking of new years resolutions, i've decided
on mine.

1. I am going to reach 120 pounds, I know its a long shot
but i want to have don this by the end of 2002.
2. I am going to do this reasonably healthily, by
exercising and only going really low on cals every so often.
3. I will be a better person, not drink too much and eat to
much and be more considerate towards others.

I know its not much but its all i want to do. The main
thing being the weight issue.

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