Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-31 17:38:52 (UTC)

X-mas week

The weekend before Christmas I went down my cousins in
Jersey and I had all kinds of fun. I was supposed to go to
the clubs with a friend of mine down there, Stephanie but
she was late picking me up, so she went to the club late
and I went shopping. Then I came home for an early
Christmas and later took my cousin back to Jersey and slept
there again.Let me just say that I lost my job, that's why
I have allt his free time. Anyway, I pretty much spent the
whole Christmas week down my cousins. He and his friends
are moving to another apartment and I have stuff I wanna
right about everyone down there so I don't forget any of
them cause I don't think I'm gonna see them again:

Chuck: He's the guy that my cousin used to live with, but
now that they're moving out, Chuck's moving in with his
girlfriend Jenn. I like Chuck. Up until the other day when
I was saying goodbye. He was calling me Eli's girl and allt
his shit. I think Chuck might be different from the guy i
thought he was. He might just be like his friends. Argh.

Danny: I thought he had a crush on me. He's cool when he's
trying not to be funny. He pisses me off alot when he tres
to be funny. He thinks that asking u over and over to
repeat yourself is hilarious. Gay shit man, He also misses
half the parties I've ever been to. He's always working
late and I'm always trashed by the time he gets there.

Eli: He's so god damn cute. He's a guy though and you can't
trust guys. He's so cute though. I'm just happy I got the
chance to kiss him, I wish I could have said 'bye'
and 'nice to have met you.'

Tony: He's a thug, lol. Or at least that's what he calls
me. That and pucking beauty and all kinds of names like
that. He's cool, not a guy to mess around with though. Sex
definitely means absolutely nothing to him. Haha.

John: He got so trashed at this one party that he passed
out and the guys started fucking with him. They messed with
him so bad that they were talking about him at the last
party. They fucked with him forever ago. Well he came back
and I was talking to him and we were catching up and all.
He's awesome. I really like him. He's got some boyfriend
potential lol. He came back to the apartment the night
after they messed with him and he apologized and I gave him
a big hug cause I was so scared that he was gonna get hurt.

Daria & Dorothy: They're going twins that graduated with
Chuck and Eli and Tony and them. They're so beautiful. They
are the sweetest people down there. They're going to Mass.
and ireland and then they're moving to California. I'm
never going to see them again. I gave them big hugs and
told them it was awesome to have met them. They have such
big hearts.

I'll have more to write later. I'm starting to miss
everyone and I'm getting all sad. I want everyone back.
Can't everyone live with me under my bed?

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