a little piece of me
2001-12-31 16:55:30 (UTC)


i hate being sick!!!!! i have this fucked up head cold
thingy going on. my nose is all itchy and runny, and my
eyes are watery. ack, it really sucks some major ass. my
nose is starting to hurt from blowing it so much. i'm
gonna have to go to walmart and get some of those kleenex
with the lotion. those things are wonderful. i could kiss
whoever made them! i knew i was going to get sick while
brett was here! it was bound to happen.

speaking of brett, he's still asleep right now. he got up
to go the bathroom earlier this morning and woke me up. i
couldn't go back to sleep, so here i am. i have an hour to
myself, since he went back to bed. now don't get me wrong,
i absolutely love having him here, it's just that i need a
little time to myself, ya know? i try to give him that,
too. i don't want to end up driving each other crazy,
since he'll be here for about a week and a half longer.
it's going to suck soooo bad when he leaves. i'm gonna
miss him like crazy. who knows when i'll get to see him
again. since he's joining the marines, it could be a while
before i even get to talk to him :( i don't wanna think
about that right now. too depressing!

anyway, he's just the cutest thing. we went to the store
the other day, and he spent half an hour (at least!) trying
to pick out a toy lol! then we got home, threw in a movie,
and he played with his new toys the whole time. i know
he's a few years younger than me, but it just cracks me up
how he got so excited over them. lol he was playing with
them again yesterday. i know, i'm strange...i find it
endearing when my 18 year old bf plays with toys!
sometimes he acts like a kid, but sometimes he just totally
knocks me off my feet, and he doesn't even realize it.
just silly little things he does, but they're so sweet.
for example, we went to see 'ali' the other day (not the
best movie in the world..), and every once in a while he'd
lean over and kiss me. for no reason at all. sigh. he's
so cute. heather, don't say a peep about that! oh, that
reminds me! (heather, when we call, tell him to say
bird...he says that with an accent, too lol).

ok, well, i'm going to go read for the remainder of my free
time. hope everyone has a happy new year! talk to you
later heather :)