the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 15:10:34 (UTC)

Hartman And Saper, Corp.

Hartman And Saper, Corp.

Hartman and Saper
Had an ad in the paper
For a man in the maintenance field

Well, a man had replied
but the clerkrk said with a sigh,
"I think that you'd better yield"

But the man said, "Lady,
I think that you're crazy
I'm here to apply for the job"

Well, she said with a greeting
They were in a meeting
But, yet her bargen in like a slib

With a mop in his hand
and a smile oh so grand
He said, "I am the one that you need"

So Hartman had read it
And then he had said
It was horrible and it was bad

"This has nothing to do
With computers - I bet
That you did not look into the ad

We need a computer man
To do the best that he can
On fixing our bytes during this war

So take you mop in your hand
And do the nest that you can
On getting right out of that door"

So the man went away
For a walk all the day
Thinking 'bout Hartma and Saper

Then he went home
With a grunt and a groan
And went for an ad in the paper