down in my eyes
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2001-12-31 15:31:53 (UTC)

only with time, does truth surface

It was my birthday yesterday.... I'm finally 19..
I dunno, it only seems like a strange, odd number to me.
but it IS afterall, the last number of my teenage days...

It's about 7o'clock AM now.. 'n i've only slept for about
an hour..ehhh
So i feel like disappearing, but it's ok.

I've waited since six months ago, for the day that I'd
acceptably be able to speak to him again..
Yesterday I gave it a shot. but it failed.
I now rest my case. Those days are gone.
So it's finally come clear to me. I'm wasting my energy
on broken hopes...sunken dreams..
And i'm now understanding that he doesn't need me right
now.. nor has he ever...

Sometimes, silence is the biggest statement..

But he's never even known how much I truly care for him