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2001-12-31 12:12:54 (UTC)

Book of days - my best year 2001

I was living this year as I deserved to be. I know people
I loved them. I might act as I felt instead of using logica.
Be polite with tough people, false friends and enemies was
not good for my truly friends. They gave me all to be my
friend and I just have been a diplomatic friend of all.
I was without experience with liers. Now I know that they
are like people that does not like to make real friend.
They only wanted to take use of innocent and good people.
They are enemies. My real and truly friends are in danger
because of those false friends. They first greet you till
get your friends off you. Perfect life is me and my heart
friends. And enemies are false friends, tough people and
bandits and other kind of dangerous people that do not
know about human rights.
I had petcats for eight years and I have no longer them.
To have humans as friends is more difficult because they
have the same needs than you. I gave to my friend Mel a
gift a parfume. How it changed her eyes on me. I guess
she heard lies about I do not like her. If I gave only
a single sight on her it would change the same. Because
she is almost blind living among false friends. They
do not let she see me. My friend Carol. She is trying to
save relationship with a addict boy. She thinks he is the
only one she could get. In real her boyfriend does not
like her and is using her as disguise to mother. He
only like his friends and addictions and likes to tell
lies about me and other truly friends of her. I am trying
to restore her by saving friend Mel the best friend of her.
All the rest people in this story does not deserv a name
Marcela my probably friend. She was used and guiled and
feels no hope. Even her addicted brother lied to her about
me and other friends of her. Now she does not live here.
She moved on to uptown of my big city. She said here was
much expensive for little place give back.
Petcat I missed contact and I think it is in a better place
where all good things there are. With waterfalls, bushes,
flowers, trees, rain waterpools and Angels.
I think most people thinks war is better than steal and
sell because no people would go against or deny it. But
is good to die without regret than live all life as a
coward that saved self and left friends and believings
past. In other parties of this world people could complaim
to governors asking for peace and wealth instead of pulling
down heads and going to war and starving away. Better
to die in a swarm of flying brides that fading away wings
in home nest. Time will past the same even you go or stay
home. Consciense has no weight when you made good thibgs.
About me the Happiness is a sign of mind and body healty.
God is Love said Peter. It is true. In beginning was nothing
and Lord made Light and Angels are made of it. Angels light
for love. It really minds remember Christ does not say build
a temple but tells the good news.
I like to read enter of another users too. It is the more
likely as thirdvoice 2k. And I try to help them remembering
about good feelings and things they deserved to be.
Thanks by this year and happy new year tomorrow and do not
forget the promisses of Xmas.
To my heros Mel, Carol, Syke, Moon, and others. All that
fight all day to get prize they ever had told they born
to deserv.