The Princess
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2001-12-31 14:48:23 (UTC)

The Prince Is A JERK!

The prince seems to constantly have me on ignore most of
the time. He still uses me as his personal asssistant
instead of allowing me to use my princess title. He treats
me as if I'm invisable. Unless he wants something of
course only then does he show me any respect. I can not
wait untill I can move out of this drafy old castle. I
hate this place. It feels like a prison to me. Oh how I so
look forward to that day with passion. I will leave and
not look back. The prince is such a disscusting perferted
self centered, egotistical @ss hole. Forgive my profanity
please, I feel with so much hatred for him, just the
thought of him nausiates me. I desire no relationship
after I break from the prince. I desire to only be alone
completely, for the rest of eternity. To be free of him is
my only desire at this moment. It is my only thought.
The site of him almost repulses me. When he leaves to go
to his daily work, I jump with joy! "He's gone!, He's
gone!" I pray daily that I get a call from the employeers
that I entered my applications into. Call Me! It is my
only ticket out of here. For then I can get my own little
quaint miniture castle to call my own. The stress I carry
here is such a burden on my shoulders. I can not wait to
feel the stress roll off so I can once again relax and not
be all tense and worrisome in my everyday life. The prince
is such a discusting pig, I see him in a trough daily in
my mind. Feeding on the slop I throw at him. I force a
smile daily at him, just to get through the day is a task
I can hardly bare. I will go for now, farewell to all!

*~ PrincessBlue ~*

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