2001-12-31 13:49:33 (UTC)

Catching Up

I've been neglecting writing daily partly because Gavin
spent quite some time installing Windows 2000 on my computer
after first backing up everything and then putting
everything back. Mostly, though, it was because when I
wasn't busy I was just lazy. Here's what we were up to in
the past few days.

The day after Christmas Jack spent the day with my brother,
Paul. They went out to lunch and visited my parents and
came home late. John and I went into Eugene and did our
usual shopping rounds. We are trying to decide what kind of
light will work well for my quilting frame. I haven't been
quilting as much and it's in part to the lack of light. My
eyes are getting older so I'd also like a magnifier. I've
been really impressed with the Ott light. It's clear and
gives out more light than most lamps but a floor lamp with
magnifier comes to around $200 which seems awfully
expensive. We also stopped at John's parents house to
discover that they have a new family member--a cat adopted
from the Humane Society who has the tentative name of Amber
because of her color. She's shy but loves to be held. We
made arrangements to bring the boys on Saturday to have

I made a couple of lemon meringue pies to bring and we all
went over at about 4 p.m. Jessica came with Gavin. We had
pizza and root beer at Abby's and then went back to John's
parent's house to have Christmas. A delightful time was had
by all.

Sunday was a quiet, at-home day. I worked a bit on a
Hospitality Sweets block and we had a comfort dinner of meat
loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls for dinner.
John spent some time at the country house and came back with
a pickup load of firewood.

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