Date With Destiny
2001-12-31 12:18:46 (UTC)

Mission Statement Re-visited; December 2001

Great Morning Mastermind!

Jennie had asked about my mission statement and the
difference between a goal and a vision.

I have a fundamental vision that drives me to never allow
myself to live within my means and "leave out my dreams ".

Hope you don't mind me reposting it here.

My purpose in life is to become a fully self-actualized
human being and live all aspects of life with ABSOLUTE
ABUNDANCE!! I live my life with a high degree of integrity,
passion and intensity. It is important to me to positive
growth in myself and others.

I am committed to working in the social work field to help
empower vulnerable people and communities to achieve
positive personal mental health to live healthy and
productive lives. I am guided by the principles of
outstanding service and contribution and I will apply care,
compassion and concern with all my interactions with people.

I Respect Myself - Emotional/Mental

Each and every day this month, I will listen to my inner
voice to guide all my decisions. I ask myself what is the
right thing to do in a given situation. I honor all the
dreams and aspirations I have and take them all very
seriously. I recognize that I deserve to achieve absolute
abundance in my life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and
physically and with abundant financial health!

I Value Friendships and Family Emotional/Spiritual

I always strive to nurture and grow those positive personal
relationships that enrich my life. I make the effort to
stay connected to current friends and reach out to make new
ones. I also work hard at maintaining ongoing contact with
family members.

My Physical Health is Important to Me

I value maintaining my physical weight between 165lbs to
170 lbs. I realize that this is my ideal body weight
(height/age/body fat) to keep a high degree of energy level
to do all the things I want to do in life. In recognition
of this, I consistently avoid fatty foods, go on weekly
walks, continue to swim weekly, and go out dancing with

Spiritual Health

I connect with who I am and honor the child within daily by
recognizing that I am part of a larger universe with a
loving creator that has a definite purpose in mind for me!

I have an attitude of gratitude and give thanks each and
every morning and evening for all the abundance that I have
been blessed with in life.

I do one kind deed daily that helps someone in need or
simply out of kindness, compassion, courtesy.

Financial Health - Business/Personal

I live my vision of total financial abundance and do
whatever it takes within the scope of my principles to be
consistent and persistent to secure a progressive position
in social work/community development that pays me what im
worth! I adopt a BE, DO , AND HAVE, approach with a
daily dose of constant and never ending improvement.

I realize that I MUST be comfortable financially to be able
to reach out to those in need. God helps those who help

I am consistently persistent each and every day and I
network for that right position daily and identify
organizations that need my services. When I find myself
getting out of this habit of highly effective people, I
immediately reach out to my mastermind team to re-connect
with this mission statement.