for show and tell
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2001-12-31 09:48:46 (UTC)

hahahaha..... it was funny

i have msn, right? rriiiight.. my friend, valerie, was on
today, and i had introduced her to johnny. oh god... i
knew i had to be prepared for the worst. was i? ehh, no.
see, she got depressed, then goofy, and now she's just...
normal... with a shade of nonchalantness..

oh god, i love it. anyway, so, today, i changed my msn
name to "johnny the sperimicidal lubricant". she did not
like it.. she said "that's HORRIBLE!" sheesh.. weak!!! she
is WEAK! if she can't take that, she can't take nny at
all! the first issue, which is still in her possession and
i am full of poo about it...

but, she'll eventually give it to me.. i'm going to warn
her when i give her #2.. else she'll be SO unprepared..
and when she gets all depressed from reading nny and then
says some sadistic thing, i'm gonna go right up to her
face and say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" nya haa.

i read the roadkill journal and it is hilarious. i feel
bad for the guys, ahving lived through a week (or so) in
hell. mmm.. hell makes a yummy bagel. num num. well, bye


2nd entry:
ooooh~ i stayed on aim for 15 hours and 35 minutes today. ^_^


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