Life as I know it.
2001-12-31 09:30:07 (UTC)

slowly going insane

Well I have been doing NOTHING at all, not even writing up
my resume like I was planning on doing bout a week ago. Im
a slacker what can I say? I've just been talking to my
friends and seeing them since I am home. I talked to Matt
for a few minutes tonight, he had just gotten back from his
trip and shit...He was too tired to talk, he wants me to
come back to my apt, of course for sex, why do I actually
think the guy misses me? i actually wanna go back to my
apt for the pure fact that im bored to tears...but no one is
back yet from break, and that sucks too. I have no plans
for new years eve. Of course, why would I? Wait i did but
now everyone wants to go to Allisons party, and i do love
Allison but im not up for that. I think im gonna just hang
out here.

Jamey cant wait til we get both are back in
Pittsburgh...of course he wants sex, said it straight out,
now see, I actually respect that. He only wants me for sex,
and same here (of course if i start sleeping with matt again
i wont sleep with jamey)like i dont want anything mre from
the boy. Matt i actually love with all my heart. Oh who
knows its about that time (in like a week) where he will
want to ask me bck out...i have it down to a science.